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  • Birmingham Educational Article of the Month - What Kind of Damage do Rodents Cause in an Attic?

What Kind of Damage do Rodents Cause in an Attic?

An attic is an empty space above the pitch of the roof and is often used to store various items but at times can also be converted into a nice bedroom, resting area or even an office. In some cases, the room is rarely used besides being a dumping place for various items. This can make them very attractive for Birmingham rodents as a nesting and hiding place. Access to the roof above and often holes to the exterior of the property makes attics perfect habitation for rodents. When the attic is infested with Alabama rodents, they can cause several damages that include:

Chewing on wood – attics are directly under the roof which is made of wood. Rodents such as Birmingham squirrels, roof rats and others that have found refuge in the attics can chew on the wood resulting often in the weakening of the roof structure and the risk of collapse.
Chewing wires – Attics have wiring that pass through them. Rodents can chew on such wiring. If it's an electrical wire, sparks could occur when being chewed with the danger of creating fire.
Sanitation – A sanitation problem can occur with Alabama rodents droppings. Having children in the home that often would climb and play in the attic or use the attic as a hiding place when playing may leave them at risk to various rodent diseases.
Chewing on valuables – the attic is often a place where valuables are kept. Old furniture, clothing, memorable items, etc. These can become a target for rodent to play, leave excrements and chew on.
Infestation – left unchecked, Birmingham rodents can thrive in the attic. The infestation may become a problem for the entire property. Rats may scratch walls, invade food supply, leave droppings everywhere, and become a nuisance and a health hazard.

Rodents in the attic can also be quite disturbing. When the infestation is serious, scratching on walls can be heard and in many cases infiltration in other rooms of the house. The damage caused can be both of great valuable cost and personal. When Alabama professional assistance is required to solve the problem, there is a cost in terms of fees and the extent of the problem. Personal damage occurs when items of value have been ruined because of rodent activity. Attics can be protected from being infested with rodent by taking appropriate measures which include finding and sealing any point of access from the inside and outside of the home. Keeping the attic clean and regular verification may also be necessary. Some people neglect attics, leaving it a dark and empty place. Using the attic like an extra room inside the home and not a storage area will also prevent Birmingham rodents from turning the location into their nesting area.

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