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Will Birmingham Animal Services Help Me with a Wild Animal Issue?

Local Alabama governmental agencies, also known as Animal Control service, have more of informative and educational purpose than an effective one. They may take care of some local issues mostly regarded to dogs or cats, but for wildlife issues, some other solutions need to be found and performed. The Birmingham animal services doesn´t claim any ownership or control over wild animals within their boundaries. Therefore, any damage the animals may cause isn´t their responsibility. There are no laws or rules for them to be obligated in any kind of native wild animal removal. All of that falls on behalf of homeowners. However, they do help residents with issues mentioned above to receive the right information and knowledge to act beneficial for all parties involved.

Wildlife program information
Alabama animal services will provide you with some information that may help you to find the proper solution for your wildlife problems. They may give you some answers or educational brochures to answer your questions like:
• Where can you get some help if you have problems with wild Birmingham animals?
• Who needs to take care of wildlife issues (who are responsible)?
• Do you need any kind of permits for dealing with wildlife and where exactly can you get them?
• Who do you need to contact about sick animals?
• How to get in touch with licensed animal rehabilitators?
• Where can you attend any kind of educational seminars regarding the Alabama wildlife problems or solutions?

People who have encountered some problems with Birmingham wildlife animals can turn to the agency for some directions and help. Whether it´s about a direct interaction within their own premises or perhaps problems with other people and their maltreatment towards animals. Fear and profound doubts are sometimes the consequences that make people nervous and scared when wildlife has been involved. Due to the lack of knowledge a person may react in panic or defensively where there´s no need for a reaction like that.

This office also provides local residents with different information:
• Various on-site evaluations
• Education on methods of wildlife exclusions
• Deterrents and how to discourage the wildlife attempts

The intention of the local Alabama animal service is to educate people about the wild animal’s behavior rather than evict the animals from the area. They hope to solve the problems through some sound education to diminish the fear, beginning at the core of the problem.

Homeowner-wildlife interaction:
People need to start thinking differently and not often act out of fear. The solutions to their problems are often quite simple and nondramatic. The problem solving starts with homeowners and their way of living. A lot of inconveniences may be explained by simple actions as not providing easily accessed food and water to Birmingham animals. It´s just simple as that if they won´t found any food or water within the city area, they will move to a place with food and water – the wilderness.

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